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Meet the contributors: Larissa Glasser

LARISSA GLASSER is a librarian-archivist from New England. She writes dark fiction centered on the lives of trans women and heavy metal. Her latest work is available in Transcendent 3: The Year's Best Transgender Themed Speculative Fiction (Lethe Press) and Tragedy Queens: stories inspired by Lana Del Rey and Sylvia Plath (Clash Books). Her debut novella F4 is available from Eraserhead Press. Larissa is a Member at Large of Broad Universe. She is on Twitter @larissaeglasser

Check out her essay "#TERFcult : A transsexual woman’s hopes for the soul of 21st century feminism" in NASTY! Vol. 2. Pre-order your copy HERE

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Meet the contributors: Leza Cantoral

Let's meet the contributors!

LEZA CANTORAL is the editor in chief of CLASH Books, the author of Cartoons in the Suicide Forest and Trash Panda, and editor of Tragedy Queens: Stories Inspired by Lana Del Rey & Sylvia Plath. She hosts Get Lit With Leza, a podcast where she talks to cool ass writers. She's a Mexican emo millennial who lives on the internet. You can find her on Twitter, IG & FB at @lezacantoral

Check out her essay "Never Cursed" in Nasty! Vol. 2. Pre-order your copy HERE


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