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Nasty! is coming . . .

Ladies and germs, let me present to you the ToC for Nasty!

Cover by Matthew Revert

Cover by Matthew Revert

All killer, no filler.
Missy Suicide- “Monster” 
Sabrina Dropkick- “Fucking Fat” 
Rocket- “Buddy” 
MP Johnson- “How To Accept You're Trans in 11 Easy Steps” 
Cervante Pope- "a black type of feminism" 
Julie Rea- “A Year in the Life of a Sad American Liberal” 
Diana Kirk- “Tampon Trigger” 
Rhonda Jackson Joseph- “I’m That Chick Who Starts the Conversation" 
Kim Vodicka- “Maximum Insecurity Dick Prison” 
Boodawe- “You’re So Nasty!” 
Jessie Lynn McMains- “They Say She’s a Slut” 
Kathryn Louise- “The United States of Rape Culture” 
Eleanor Rose- “I Didn’t Ask For This” 
Amber Fallon- “Sleazeball Games or How I Got Banned From” 
Tara Dublin- “Here’s To You, Mrs. Robinson” 
Jennifer Robin- “Raphael and the French Ghost and the Moon” 
Jacqueline-Elizabeth Cottrell- “Come Here Often?” 
Jacqueline Kirkpatrick- “The New Unnatural” 
Devora Gray- “I’ll Meet You in the Middle”

Nasty! is a collection of radical non-fiction essays that provide crucial commentary on what it’s like to be a woman today. Bold stories from fierce women who are not ashamed of who they are and what they do. This is King Shot Press's first venture into non-fiction/memoir work while we further our transition to bringing you only the best in radical working-class literature. 

You can pre-order your copy today! CLICK HERE

All proceeds will go to Planned Parenthood.

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