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Meet the contributors: Constance Ann Fitzgerald

CONSTANCE ANN FITZGERALD is a zine maker and the author of Glue. Her work has appeared in Volume 1 Brooklyn, Clash Media, Entropy, and Dostoyevsky Wannabe: Cassette 85. She currently lives in Portland Oregon where her happiness is wholly contingent upon whether or not there is a dog in the room. Find her on Twitter @constanceannx3

Check out her essay "Above the Knee" in Nasty! Vol. 2. Pre-order your copy HERE.


King Shot Press Housewarming Party

Tonight was surreal.


Great turnout. Lots of new faces. Powerful readings and such a strong sense of community. I hope the high I'm feeling from this event never goes away.


Everybody Bleeds took care of the door charge and period drive for the event. Bull Run Distillery and Portland Bloody Mary Mix sponsored the event and allowed for there to be an open bar with fun anti-stigma drinks. 


Kat Attack Photography and All Bad Days offered up really cool prizes to be raffled off. 

Zig Zag Patch Co offered Nasty! embroidery at the event.


Live readings from Diana Kirk, Tara Dublin, Cervante Pope, Eleanor Rose, and Jennifer Robin rocked the house and brought on all the feels (so beautiful to see people affected by hearing their stories and talking to the writers about how much their words moved them. I will forever be happy to see these writers gain new fans).

Diana Kirk

Diana Kirk

Tara Dublin

Tara Dublin

Cervante Pope

Cervante Pope

Eleanor Rose

Eleanor Rose

Jennifer Robin

Jennifer Robin

The love and support in the room felt unreal. Thank you to everyone who showed up and made us feel right at home. We love you.


It's been a minute, hasn't it?

Umm. First, my short story "They Call Me Monster" will be published in the Eternal Frankenstein anthology (Word Horde Press). I'll be sharing a table of contents with a lot of super amazing writers. You can read more about it here.


Then, I was interviewed by Richard Daniels, author of The Nobody People, over at Huck Magazine. You can read about how to break into publishing Riot Grrrl style here.

Photos from a shoot I had over the summer with Yellow Bubbles Photography are now published in the latest issue of Auxiliary Magazine. I've uploaded some of my favorite shots into the Photos section of this website. Magical.

I've also just finished recording the audio for Jigsaw Youth, which will be an audiobook soon-ish thanks to the good people at The Talking Book.

King Shot Press also released two new titles. Marigold by Troy James Weaver and Noctuidae by Scott Nicolay. Both books are fucking awesome, and people pre-ordered the shit out of them. From the bottoms of our gross and grimey little hearts, Michael and I thank you for the support.

And, as if the above wasn't an exhausting mouthful as it was, I'm putting the final touches on my chapbook for the Ladybox Vol. 2. Box Set. I'll post sneak peeks once I can unbury myself from a pile of paper, glue sticks, and cat hair.

Oh, and I wrote two new chapters for a book that I really should have turned in to my editor a year ago. But they're good. Like, really good.


I'll be in Los Angeles at the end of the month. Be there for about a week and half. If we cross paths, ask me for a high-five because I'm sure my hermit-ass needs to readjust to socializing.


Keep it creepy.

<3 Scandal

Tiffany Scandal is the author of Jigsaw Youth and There's No Happy Ending. She's had fiction and non-fiction published in Living Dead Magazine, The Magazine of Bizarro Fiction, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, and a handful of anthologies. Her modeling and photography have appeared both online and in print thanks to Suicide Girls, Rise Tattoo Magazine, and Auxiliary Magazine. She is also the managing editor for King Shot Press, an indie publisher based out of Portland, Oregon.

Lazy Fascist Review #3


I have a new short story published in the latest issue of the Lazy Fascist Review. I'm published alongside literary powerhouses such as Nick Mamatas, Daphne Gottlieb, Allison Floyd, Tania Terblanche, and Nathan Carson (who's band Witch Mountain is currently on tour with Danzig). It's a fun issue, so please go check it out.

You can snag your very copy HERE.

Cult Of Loretta

Last month, I had the privilege of reading at Kevin Maloney’s book release party for Cult Of Loretta (Lazy Fascist Press) here in Portland. Having heard Maloney read before, I knew I wanted, nay, needed a copy of his first book. So I picked one up at the party.

Book available now in print and kindle format. You can purchase your copy  HERE

Book available now in print and kindle format. You can purchase your copy HERE

Cult Of Loretta is super fucking good. It haunts you. Anytime I had to put this book down, I would find myself itching to pick it up, wanting to know what happens to Loretta and the doomed men that keep falling in love with her. An otherwise ordinary girl who had the power to ruin even the best of friendships. A girl who makes Helen of Troy seem like a fucking amateur.

Maloney writes some damn good characters — broken people who accept that the world is awful and either embrace the path of slow self-destruction or stew in a growing bitterness.

“I saw who she actually was — an extremely angry woman in her mid-to-late 40s in a pantsuit from Nordstrom trying to control the chaos she saw everywhere in the world, mostly inside herself. I saw that she’d never be happy and that no one loved her and that no one would ever love her because she’d been broken a long time ago and that whatever was left of her just wanted to break the spirits of children making obscene gestures involving giant imaginary penises.”

The pain in the pages is real. Love is the worst drug there is (although screw sounds pretty damn awful, too). When you get hooked so bad you can’t think straight. When you do stupid shit over and over again or put up with repeated cases of bullshit because you think you found “the one.” But when you’ve been kicked down enough times and start to grow desensitized to the pain, shame, and lost sense of worth, it gets to a point where all you can do is laugh. Cult Of Loretta is a perfect example of a tragicomedy.

“Another night, we got so high I broke into our next door neighbor’s house and stole their television so we could watch The Simpsons. I asked Loretta where I should put it. She said on top of the TV, which is how we discovered that we already had a TV.”

This book blew me away. I hadn’t been this moved by a book since Juliet Escoria’s Black Cloud (Civil Coping Mechanisms). Maloney is a brand new force in the Indie Lit scene. Can’t wait to read more by him.

Keep on writing, and I'll keep on reading.


Tiffany Scandal is the author of Jigsaw Youth and There's No Happy Ending. Look for her upcoming live readings in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Updates and shit


In about two weeks, I'll be in San Francisco reading with some rad people. Details.

I'll also be wiping off the dust from those "modeling days" and getting back in front of the camera. I'm pretty excited to be working with Yellow Bubbles and Spoiled Cherry. It's going to be fucking magical.

A little over a week ago, I read at Kevin Maloney's CULT OF LORETTA book release party. It was such a fun event, and I really felt the charm of American Legion Hall's Post 134. It's quickly becoming my favorite venue to read at. Also, Maloney's CULT OF LORETTA is something else. I experience withdrawal symptoms if I ever have to put it down. Looking forward to finishing that up tonight . . . and being sad that it's done.

JIGSAW YOUTH and I have also recently received a lot of love from Dead End Follies. Check it out:





Also, King Woman. I saw them live a couple of days ago, and they were so fucking good. I listen to the Doubt LP all of the fucking time. And Kristina Esfandiari is my new lady crush. Meow!




Still have about (4) blue sparkly chapbooks left. If you want one, get at me.





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