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It's been a minute, hasn't it?

Umm. First, my short story "They Call Me Monster" will be published in the Eternal Frankenstein anthology (Word Horde Press). I'll be sharing a table of contents with a lot of super amazing writers. You can read more about it here.


Then, I was interviewed by Richard Daniels, author of The Nobody People, over at Huck Magazine. You can read about how to break into publishing Riot Grrrl style here.

Photos from a shoot I had over the summer with Yellow Bubbles Photography are now published in the latest issue of Auxiliary Magazine. I've uploaded some of my favorite shots into the Photos section of this website. Magical.

I've also just finished recording the audio for Jigsaw Youth, which will be an audiobook soon-ish thanks to the good people at The Talking Book.

King Shot Press also released two new titles. Marigold by Troy James Weaver and Noctuidae by Scott Nicolay. Both books are fucking awesome, and people pre-ordered the shit out of them. From the bottoms of our gross and grimey little hearts, Michael and I thank you for the support.

And, as if the above wasn't an exhausting mouthful as it was, I'm putting the final touches on my chapbook for the Ladybox Vol. 2. Box Set. I'll post sneak peeks once I can unbury myself from a pile of paper, glue sticks, and cat hair.

Oh, and I wrote two new chapters for a book that I really should have turned in to my editor a year ago. But they're good. Like, really good.


I'll be in Los Angeles at the end of the month. Be there for about a week and half. If we cross paths, ask me for a high-five because I'm sure my hermit-ass needs to readjust to socializing.


Keep it creepy.

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Tiffany Scandal is the author of Jigsaw Youth and There's No Happy Ending. She's had fiction and non-fiction published in Living Dead Magazine, The Magazine of Bizarro Fiction, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, and a handful of anthologies. Her modeling and photography have appeared both online and in print thanks to Suicide Girls, Rise Tattoo Magazine, and Auxiliary Magazine. She is also the managing editor for King Shot Press, an indie publisher based out of Portland, Oregon.

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