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JESSA JORDAN (noun) – A fearless, sarcastic Black femme learning, living and loving in Philadelphia, PA, USA. Although her roots are in Atlanta, GA, USA, Jessa has done her best to assimilate to Yankee living (she refuses to give up drinking sweet tea, though). Armed with a plethora of lipsticks, she has been known to drink the blood of misogynists and will punish anyone in the name of the Moon. As a writer, her style has been heavily influenced by the prose of Miranda July, Charles Bukowski, Anais Nin and Alex Elle. Tiny and powerful, Jessa swapped climbing trees in her youth for climbing poles in her 20s and is usually found dancing to equal parts Crime Mob and Lana Del Rey on any given night. Published in the likes of Shout Your Abortion, HUSTLER Magazine, and Subvrt Mag, she is now working on her first fiction novel, which will hopefully debut in 2021.

Check out her essay "Going Viral" in Nasty! Vol. 2. Available for pre-order HERE!

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