The official ToC for Nasty! Vol. 2

Hi. Hello. 

I'm waist deep in editing work right now, but I'm so excited to share with you all the official table of contents for Nasty! Vol. 2. Are you ready? You sure? 

Here you go!

The Kobayashi Maru for Queers by Lydia Xythali

99 44/100 by Violet LeVoit

Sex and the Phantom by Rios de la Luz

In the Palace of Bones and Champagne by Autumn Christian

Above the Knee by Constance Ann Fitzgerald

#transcult by Larissa Glasser

Still Walking by Jennifer Manalili

My Name is Thursday by Thursday Simpson

This is not a love story by Eve Luchs

Never Cursed by Leza Cantoral

Going Viral by Jessa Jordan

My Famous Abortion by Melissa Moralez

All Girls are Nice Girls by Devora Gray

There you have it. Thirteen ultra-fierce essays by thirteen badass women. Projected release date March 2019. Proceeds will benefit SMYRC - the Sexual and Gender Minority Youth Resource Center in Portland, OR. Cover reveal and pre-order info coming soon!


Keep it nasty.



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