Keeping it Nasty!

Attention all writers interested in the Nasty! anthology:

I figured I'd reiterate some specs of submitting to this project. Out of respect for our time and ourselves, let's get on the same page here. (For a refresher, here are the GUIDELINES.)

1) People who contribute must identify as female. This anthology is about the female experience. I'm not looking for cis-gendered dudes explaining how we, as women, feel about living our lives.

2) I'm looking for non-fiction essays. While I have no doubt there is a lot of heart in what you wrote, if it doesn't fall under the category of non-fiction, it probably won't fit in this book. There are plenty of anthologies out there that will take fiction, so please, read the guidelines before you submit.

3) Be aware that my time is valuable. Submissions should contain the requested subject line (or it might get lost in my inbox), and should contain one essay as a word/word-compatible document attachment. DO NOT send me a link to your blog and have me "take [my] pick."

4) This is a charity anthology that is offering pay. I am paying for this project out of my own pocket. So please, bring your A-game. 

5) If you can't follow the guidelines, your submission will be automatically rejected.

A tremendous thank you to every one who has shared, submitted to, and talked about this project. Dozens of essays have already been emailed in, and we still have three weeks to go. Thanks for keeping it Nasty!

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