Wonderland Award nominee

That's right. SHIT LUCK is officially a Wonderland Award nominee for Best Novel. Whaaattttt???

Praise for SHIT LUCK:

"SHIT LUCK is inviting, warm, disgusting AND laugh out loud funny as hell. A fuck of a feat to pull off for any writer, but Tiffany Scandal nails it with aplomb." -Pen Boys Review

"Scandal has a clear, concise voice that is both sharply witty and deeply personal. If you're not familiar with the bizarro genre, Shit Luck might be a good place to start." - Rob Hart, author of City of Rose and Woman from Prague, via LitReactor

"It's perfectly told and it's fabulously fast paced.. Quite the little mindfuck and I highly recommend it as a gateway book into the bizarro genre. " - The Next Best Book Club

"Shit Luck is an absurdist comedy at heart, but it has a sharp set of teeth and ultimately doesn't fuck around." - Dead End Follies

"Shit Luck moves forward at breakneck speed, packs an unexpected emotional punch, and brings in elements from slasher narratives, psychological thrillers, dreamlike stories, hardcore horror, and tales from beyond the grave" -Gabino Iglesias, author of Zero Saints, via Verbicide Magazine

"'Shit Luck' is a genre mash-up of 80s style slasher horror and the bizarre. . . if you are new to the Bizarro movement then this would be a great place to start due in part to the accessibility and smoothness of the writing." -BeavistheBookhead

Cover design by Matthew Revert

Cover design by Matthew Revert

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