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I was looking through old photos and stumbled across a few gems from behind the scenes of photoshoots. Shall we visit?

 With  Lyxzen  and  Doxie Suicide . Photo by Cherry Suicide.

With Lyxzen and Doxie Suicide. Photo by Cherry Suicide.

Look at us. Three ladies, modestly dressed. But we're probably looking at pictures of our buttholes. I'm not kidding.

Prior to this photo being taken, we had shot an experimental set for Suicide Girls. Cherry Suicide was traveling through Portland, and having worked with her a few times before, I was stoked to be able to be working with her again. So going back to the experimental part, I've been notorious for coming up with really obscure ideas for photosets. Just ask any photographer I've worked with. Getting naked in a bed or a shower is just boring, so I always try to come up with something a little, uh, more exciting? Anyway, sometimes my ideas are too far out there for some people, but sometimes, you get the right chemistry going and the product turns out amazing. Our photoset Doll Harem is a perfect example. I told Cherry that I wanted to shoot a photoset tribute to Andrew Blake's Dollhouse, a total arthouse porno that features gorgeous women and utilizes the concept of "living dolls," or, better put, uses women as props. So I called up two of my best friends who are also suicide girls, and we made magic happen.

Here are some edited photos from that experiment. (unedited versions can be viewed over at

Funny things to note about this set:

See that mirror in the second photo? If you look closely at our reflections, particularly in photos where the focus is on our bodies and not our faces, you can almost always catch us laughing.

Also, I didn't know this prior to the shoot, but Doxie has a really sensitive hiney. When Cherry suggested a photo where I spank Doxie, I complied with a few really hokey staged ones. Then I can't remember who said to go for a real one because the staged ones weren't coming out so great. Upon Doxie consenting, I went for one, and, oh that poor woman, I left a raised hand print on her butt cheek. I didn't even think that my hand struck that hard. But she was a trooper. We all had a laugh over it and continued the shoot.

The photos were shot at the Ace Hotel in downtown Portland in 2012.


Anyway, if you like reading about shit like this, let me know. I've got plenty of stories, and I'm happy to share.

Creep it real.


Tiffany Scandal is the author of Jigsaw Youth and There's No Happy Ending. Jigsaw Youth is now an audiobook that is narrated by Scandal herself, and is available now through Talking Book. Her modeling and photography have appeared both online and in print, mostly thanks to Suicide Girls, Auxiliary Magazine, Huck Magazine, and others. She lives in Portland, Oregon.


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