Listen to Jigsaw Youth


Jigsaw Youth is now available as an audiobook. I narrated the book myself with the help of some fine people over at Talking Book. Click on the link for a preview, and if you dig it, you can buy the audio and have me read to you whenever you want. Check it:


Also, Ladybox Vol. 2 should be out at the end of this month. A bunch of badass ladies and myself plan to wow the shit out of you with our brand spankin' new chapbook collection. Here's the flyer with more details.

 Image stolen from the Ladybox Books  website.

Image stolen from the Ladybox Books website.

Okay. Back to writing.

Love and shit.


Tiffany Scandal is the author of Jigsaw Youth and There's No Happy Ending. Her modeling and photography have been published both online and in print, the most recent publications being Auxiliary Magazine and Huck Magazine. She lives in Portland, Oregon.

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