Review: Skullcrack City

Jeremy Robert Johnson is a fucking wizard.

No one else writes about the apocalypse or parasites quite like he does. While some of the content he writes about makes me cringe ("The Sharp-Dressed Man At The End Of The Line"), the stories he constructs are so mesmerizing and full of fantastic social commentary to ruminate on, you kind of just keep on reading and are left craving more. So when the release date of Skullcrack City finally came around, I knew I needed to have this book in my hands.

Skullcrack City is not a book that can be neatly categorized. Combining elements of Sci-Fi, Horror, Bizarro, Crime -- you've got this, at times morbidly funny, story about a Hex-junkie who used to work in a bank until he found himself in the middle of this massive conspiracy and now needs to run/fight for his life as the end of all humanity looms on the horizon. The books tackles addiction and a whole lot of self-reflection:

"If you're anything like me, Hex may not actually be beneficial. You might think you've found the Light and the Truth and then you wake up the next day the notepad is your living room is filled with tic-tac-toe games and in your bathroom there's a mound of hair gel with clear bite marks and a post-it reading, "WE CAN END THIS!""

I'll admit it, the first third of the book, while enjoyable to read, took me a long time to get through. I kept putting the book down every chapter or so because "I didn't have time," but when I wasn't reading the book, I kept thinking about it. So I'd pick it up again, was evenutally able to breeze through the rest of it in two days. The final third of book is a masterpiece.

"You think you're better than human only because you're less. You want to live forever and you never lived at all. Is that what keeps you up at night, destroying things you don't understand?"

Skullcrack City is a journey that fucks with your mind and plays with your heart. I don't know what else to say other than you need to pick up this book and read it for yourself.

Pick up a copy today!

If any of the above tickles your fancy, come back tomorrow for an exclusive interview with the author himself. I promise, it'll be fun.


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Tiffany Scandal is the author of Jigsaw Youth and There's No Happy Ending. Her modeling, photography, and paintings have appeared both online and in print. She currently lives in Portland, Oregon with three black cats and a whole lot of dead things. 

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