Updates and shit


In about two weeks, I'll be in San Francisco reading with some rad people. Details.

I'll also be wiping off the dust from those "modeling days" and getting back in front of the camera. I'm pretty excited to be working with Yellow Bubbles and Spoiled Cherry. It's going to be fucking magical.

A little over a week ago, I read at Kevin Maloney's CULT OF LORETTA book release party. It was such a fun event, and I really felt the charm of American Legion Hall's Post 134. It's quickly becoming my favorite venue to read at. Also, Maloney's CULT OF LORETTA is something else. I experience withdrawal symptoms if I ever have to put it down. Looking forward to finishing that up tonight . . . and being sad that it's done.

JIGSAW YOUTH and I have also recently received a lot of love from Dead End Follies. Check it out:





Also, King Woman. I saw them live a couple of days ago, and they were so fucking good. I listen to the Doubt LP all of the fucking time. And Kristina Esfandiari is my new lady crush. Meow!




Still have about (4) blue sparkly chapbooks left. If you want one, get at me.





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