Girl In A Band

I just met Kim Gordon.

She recently came out with a memoir titled Girl In A Band. The book tells about her life as an artist, musician, wife, mother; details California in the 60s and 70s and New York in the 80s and 90s. Awesome read, for sure.

She came through Portland for her book tour. Excited to be in the same room as her and listen to her speak, I clutched my copy of Girl In A Band and the free tshirt I was given at the door.

"I like Portland. The sky is huge. It feels like a largely working class city. Feels like the end, I mean, the edge of America."

The man who was interviewing her was disappointing. Heavily focusing his questions on the filmmakers she knew and her relationship with Danny Elfman, I felt myself screaming on the inside ASK BETTER QUESTIONS. Kim is fierce. She's done a hell of a lot and paved the way for a lot of badass women. I was glad when someone in the audience asked her about advice for being a creative woman in a largely male-dominated field, and she responded, "Just fucking do it. And be better."

Anyway, she signed my book and told me she loved my green hair.

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