LDM Horror Babe Of The Week: Chelsea Wolfe

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Apologies to those who actively follow this blog and noticed a delay. I'm still kind of working on a real nice "Fuck You Very Much" card to the uninsured driver who hit and ran on me while I was on my way to work late last week. Despite the aches and pains and damage to my vespa, nothing would bring more pleasure than to talk about a talented babe to awesome people who love horror. This week's Horror Babe is Chelsea Wolfe.

If you don't know who Chelsea Wolfe is, then you, dear reader, are missing out. I first learned of Ms Wolfe by seeing this awesome fucking tshirt on a clothing designer I admire on instagram. It was a vintage-looking tshirt with raw edges and a massive fucking ouroboros with the words "Chelsea Wolfe" on it. Curious, because the shirt was so goddamn cool, I did a google search and found out that she's this fucking awesome musician. The first song I listened to was "Flatlands," and my ears have been having orgasms to her music since. 

To celebrate the year-anniversary of Pain Is Beauty, the video for "Kings" was released. Enjoy.

Now, as you might've noticed, these music videos are fucking beautiful. Stills that look like they could be from a favorite horror movie. Don't get that from the above video? Okay, weirdo. Then check out this one (which also happens to be the track on the Game Of Thrones trailer for season 4):

Chelsea Wolfe "Feral Love" official video, from the album "Pain Is Beauty". This piece is an excerpt from the long format film "Lone", out now.

It's been fun to see how her music has transformed over the years. Her first album "The Grime And The Glow" has a dark folk type feel. The recordings are gritty, that even while listening to their digital formats, it feels like you're listening to an old vinyl record. The "Vices And Advices" single emerged from this album wherein she covered You Are My Sunshine. It's easily the creepiest rendition of that song in existence. Okay, maybe in existence is a stretch, but this version is fucking eerie and beautiful. Sploosh.

After that, she released "Apokalypsis." That album takes on a slower pace (with the exception of a couple of songs) that, well, makes really awesome stripping music. Songs like Tracks (Tall Bodies) and Moses are songs I'm constantly trying to be sexy to when I listen to them (actual sexiness cannot be determined because my only audience has been . . . cats. And they pretty much don't give a shit about anything except food, treats, and the annihilation of toy mice). "Unknown Rooms: A Collection Of Acoustic Songs" followed, and that album is fucking beautiful. I'm a sucker for acoustic shit, and with her haunting voice, these tracks just give me goosebumps. I have this one on vinyl, and goddamn, I can listen to it for days.

Not from Unknown Rooms, but still remarkable acoustic stuff.

Her latest album "Pain Is Beauty" was released a year ago yesterday. At first, I was a little put off some of the electronic beats, but the album quickly grew on me and shortly after became the only thing I listened to for months. Did I say months? I meant to say the whole year it's been out. Not kidding. When I draw a blank on what to listen to, that album comes on. I listen to it when I'm writing, cleaning, reading, getting naked/dressed, taking a bath, drinking whiskey. Hell, I'm even listening to it right now. It's fucking magical. And to celebrate its first birthday, Ms Wolfe released the video for Kings (see video #1 toward the top). She is also having a sale on her website where everything, including vinyl, is 15% off (with a special code she's been posting on her social networking sites. Sale ends 9/6/14).

Anyway, she's elegant, graceful, and fierce -- unlike that "anyway" transition I just used to open this paragraph. Lyrics and voice to haunt you. Image to captivate you. Live, she is like a swan. Slow, alluring. You find yourself staring from across the room, mesmerized. In photos, something about her just pops and resonates. In trying to find what images I wanted to share with you wall, I found myself wanting to upload every single one. I won't do that because if you're interested, you can do the google image search yourself. But in the meanwhile, check this babe out:

Oh, and if that weren't enough for you. Check this out:

Yeah, look at how short I am compared to her. This was snapped after a show here in Portland. One of the best concerts I've been to a long while.

Alright ghouls and gals, there you have it. Horror babe of the week. Chelsea Wolfe. You're welcome.

Keep it creepy.


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