LDM Interview: Atriarch

Hey. My name is Tiffany Scandal and I'm a good-for-nothing broad. 

I'm really fucking excited to introduce you to my friend Brooks Blackhawk, the guitarist for death rock band Atriarch. Okay, death rock is too constrictive here. Atriarch is an experience. Taking elements from doom metal, black metal, death rock, and more, Atriarch's music takes you on a journey that feels, well, spiritual. I'm not a religious person, but fuck, this music made me feel different. In a good way. Reminiscent of The Birthday Party and Bauhaus, only a million times heavier, Atriarch is a force to be reckoned with. So without further ado, join Brooks and myself as we talk about their new album, being signed on to Relapse Records, and general badassery.

TS: Hey, Brooks. First off, congratulations on signing with Relapse Records. How does it feel to be on the label that Alternative Press called "The Justice League of Extreme Metal"?

BB: Relapse have been supportive, forward thinking and absolutely stoked from long before the pen hit the paper. We feel like this has been an ideal paring. Incredibly stoked to be working with them.


TS: So Relapse will be releasing your third full-length album "An Unending Pathway." How do you feel the content on this album differs from your earlier work?

BB: Every album has been an evolution, a continuation of concepts. Birth, death, rebirth, enlightenment, pain, loss, hope and ultimately our personal esoteric spirituality which we hope to share. This is just another stone on the path before us as the fog clears and the veil lifts.

TS: You got to record with Billy Anderson (Swans, Sleep, Eyehategod). What was that like?

BB: Absolutely incredible beyond words. We have only worked with engineers in the past and to have a producer bring our vision to a new light and clarity has been that next level we needed to take things to. Beyond that, Billy is just one of the most positive and awesome dudes I know. It's impossible to take yourself too seriously with him around hahaha.


TS: Artirarch's music not only provides excellent aural stimulation, but it's almost a spiritual experience . . . especially if you listen in the dark. What are major influences for your work?

BB: That is exactly our intention. A transference of darkness to light. Sonic alchemy. When inner darkness is shared and converted to sound, brought out into the world for people to hear, a bond occurs between sender and receiver. That bond produces a joy and a happiness in knowing that darkness and pain and loss and sorrow is shared. A communion of souls.


TS: The album drops on October 28th. Any shows on the horizon to promote it?

BB: We will be touring the west coast this November, but the spring shall offer much broader horizons.

TS: Awesome! Looking forward to witness what the future has in store for you guys.


Thank you Brooks for taking the time to answer my questions. If this interview has piqued your interest, feel free to stalk the band through the following venues:



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Tiffany Scandal is a writer, Suicide Girl, photographer, intern at Living Dead Magazine, and total perv. Her first book THERE'S NO HAPPY ENDING is out now through Eraserhead Press. 


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