LDM Horror Babe Of The Week: (just read this one)

Hey. I'm Tiffany Scandal and I'm a good-for-nothing broad.

For Babe Of The Week, I've brought you talented, badass ladies. And I even brought you a dude. But today, today I'm going to do something different. I'm going to bring you . . . 

No, not that babe.

This babe:

Elvira's 1958 Ford Thunderbird. Me-ow! Customized by George Barris, the vehicle is also known as the Macrabre Mobile. And like our beloved Elvira, this vehicle is truly one of kind (for the sake of this blog, we'll just forget about the "knockoff" being showcased in the Peterson Automotive museum . . . which is still a custom vehicle by Barris). Anyway! 1958 Ford Thunderbird is a head-turner. With a custom spider-web grille, bat wing nose emblem, eyeball fenders, skull and cross bone hubcaps, leopard print upholstery, skeleton hands on the hood, chain link steering wheel with a skull in the center, AND a metal hood ornament depicting her as a crouched, winged banshee. Oh, and this car was originally a hardtop. When Elvira stated she wanted a convertible, Barris and his crew took chainsaws to the top, and viola! Convertible. How fucking cool is that?!

Ugh. This car screams sex.

Far from gas efficient (the Thunderbird clocks in at roughly 11 mpg), this is a total weekend (and local) driver. It's what you casually roll down your driveway in as you flip your neighbors the bird for leading such boring lives. It's what you drive when you're mad at your boss, boyfriend, girlfriend, or all of the above, and need to remind yourself that you are hot shit. It's what you drive in your mind because the chances of you actually driving this car are pretty fucking slim (but hey, the dreaming part is nice, right?).

Random fact: did you know that Elvira (well, Cassandra Peterson) originally wanted to be a race car driver? Scha-wing! A beautiful woman in control of a car with that much power? Please excuse me while I go change my underwear. Sploosh.

Keep it creepy!


Tiffany Scandal is a writer, Suicide Girl, photographer, intern at Living Dead Magazine, and really wants a ride in the Macabre Mobile. Her first book THERE'S NO HAPPY ENDING is out now through Eraserhead Press. 

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