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Hey. My name is Tiffany Scandal and I'm a good-for-nothing broad. Let's go on a fucking adventure.

I had just gotten on the bus with my lover when my phone vibrated in my pocket. Looking at the screen, I immediately alerted the bus driver that I needed to be let off at the next stop. My lover was confused, but at this point in our relationship, he's accustomed to my rapid shifts (bless that poor man). Anyway, we got off the bus and I ran back home to get my camera. Photography is something that I dabble with from time to time, and this time, I was invited to tag along with the crew of Living Dead Magazine to watch and photograph the Black Lodge Burlesque. Being a huge fan of David Lynch/Twin Peaks, I couldn't say no. 

Camera in tow, we headed back downtown. With a few hours to kill before meeting up with Deanna and ZeeGee, the lover and I went to get sushi that wouldn't taste like demon foreskin. It's our favorite place in Portland. Small, quaint, cheap, and fucking delicious. We stacked our plates, ate until we were about to burst, and left having only spent $25 (including tip). Sushi Ichiban, I want to have your sushi babies.

Ran to Powell's for a quick second to see if a certain Steve Erickson book was in stock (it was), and then ran to a nearby gay bar to meet up with the lovely ladies of Living Dead Magazine for a few drinks before the show. At some point, the lover returned home because he has crazy deadlines.


The Star Theater is in that part of downtown where they're really trying to gentrify it to be more like the Pearl District. Businesses I used to love and frequent are now vacant lots or abandoned buildings because rent got too high. Condominiums and coffee shops that reek of pretentious assholes popping up left and right. Non profit organizations catering to the needs of people experiencing homelessness becoming less visible next the shine of new, energy-efficient buildings catering to the wants of over-priviledged, yoga-subscribing, gluten-free, bmw-driving wankers, err, yuppies, err, uh, people. Now I'm straying from the point . . .

The Star Theater is lovely establishment in downtown portland. Old-fashioned marquis out front, seedy exterior that leads to a dark, elegant interior that kind of makes me think of a vampire sex club. Exposed brick and pipes, red velvet drapes, and dim lighting to make everyone look impeccable and eerie at the same time. 

The show itself was fucking amazing. As much as I'd love to, I'm not going to go into too much detail because Deanna, the lovely Editor-in-Chief, plans on writing a review about the show in October's issue of Living Dead Magazine. I will say though that every role was spot on, comedic timing was impeccable, and every performance was fucking fantastic. Dance numbers paying tribute to works like Dune, Blue Velvet, Lost Highway, Elephant Man, Eraserhead, Wild At Heart, and of course, Twin Peaks. A two-hour show packed with yuks, awesome costumes, babes, and tassel-flipping tittays. At $15, this show is a fucking steal and well-worth every penny.   Also snagged this gem, but did not follow the Log Lady's suggestion of framing just above the toilet. It's framed in my office between the two prints I snagged from the Twin Peaks Tribute Art Show that Floating World Comics had back in April. It adds a but of class, no?

  Vera Mysteria  is a total fox.

Vera Mysteria is a total fox.

After the show, we headed to Kelly's Olympian for more solid drinking . . . because Portland.

Keep it creepy.


Tiffany Scandal is a writer, Suicide Girl, photographer, intern at Living Dead Magazine, and has a 14-page spread (as a model) and interview in the latest issue of Fuchsin Magazine. Her first book THERE'S NO HAPPY ENDING is out now through Eraserhead Press. 

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