LDM: Horror Babe Of The Week: Debbie Rochon

Hey. My name is Tiffany Scandal and I'm a good-for-nothing-broad.

So I tried something different last week. I presented a dude (but a mighty fine one at that) as last week's Horror Babe, but I'm gonna bring it back. Because, who am I kidding? Boobs are awesome. This week, the title goes to Debbie Rochon.

Any self-respecting horror-fan should know her from her roles in Terror Firmer, Tromeo And Juliet, and loads of other awesome b-rated horror flicks. Also, she won "Scream Queen Of The Decade" award back in 2003 from Draculina Magazine. Resume check? Wow!

Blood, gore, and more, this babe delivers. It takes a special kind of woman to deliver the caliber of horror she brings, and, man, she leaves us wanting more.

She's strong, confident, and if it takes flashing tits to make a point, she'll do it and deliver your fears . . . yeah, she also won Best Female Psycho in a movie (AKA "Best Psychette") for her performance in American Nightmare.

Interesting facts about Rochon:

She made her career. Rough upbringing. Fled from foster care. Homelessness. Landed a roll as an extra in Ladies And Gentleman, The Fabulous Stains, and from there went on to save money to move to New York and make a name for herself. And what a name, indeed. Having starred in over 200 films (mostly horror), Rochon's name is not one to reckoned with. 

Check her out and admire. What a woman!

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Tiffany Scandal is a writer, Suicide Girl, photographer, intern at Living Dead Magazine, and likes boobs. Her first book THERE'S NO HAPPY ENDING is out now through Eraserhead Press.

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