LDM: Horror Babe Of The Week: Tairrie Murphy

Hey. My name is Tiffany Scandal and I am a good-for-nothing broad.

I am also a blasphemous girl, much like this week's Horror Babe Of The Week. Ladies and gents, I present to you Tairrie-motherfucking-B:



Formerly Miss B, now Mrs M. Some of you may know her as the front woman for metal band My Ruin. Some of you may even know about the rap career that preceded Manhole (later renamed Tura Satana), My Ruin, and the collaboration between her and her husband (Mick Murphy) LVRS. Regardless of creative expression, Tairrie fucking brings it. Total badass woman that commands attention.

  "God wants a piece of my ass" - lyric from track   Blasphemous Girl   on Speak & Destroy.

"God wants a piece of my ass" - lyric from track Blasphemous Girl on Speak & Destroy.

Provocative lyrics challenging societal ideals, Mrs M gives no fucks and says it like it is. Screaming into a microphone about how we need to be proud of our bodies, how we need to stand up for ourselves, how to challenge everything. And she doesn't just scream. No. During live performances, she will get in your face, stare deep into your being, make you feel bashful as your pants either get tighter or stick in between your legs as her red lipstick stains the microphone in her hand. She'll turn, fall to the ground, claw at everything around her, and words will spill out of her like they were being exorcised. She's bold and daring and frightening -- the perfect woman.

Outside of live performances, the albums are great listens. Lyrics deliciously sacrilegious (sacrilicious), you can't help but want to belt along and chuckle when you see how many religious-right folks you offend in public.

At 49, Tairrie is still one of the hottest ladies around (yes, most of these are recent). My Ruin released an album (The Sacred Mood) in 2013 and are currently on a UK tour. 

I had the privilege of watching them perform a few times while I was still living in Los Angeles. One was for promotion of The Brutal Language, and the other was for A Prayer Under Pressure Of Violent Anguish (so basically, a million years ago . . . I'm such a terrible fan). Both times, the band was a total blast to watch. Lots of energy, rad audience that got really into the music, and the band hung after to show to meet whoever had the balls to talk to them. I was one such person, and they were all super fucking nice. Somewhere, there's a photo of Tairrie, Mick and myself, but that would involve a lot of digging through old photos only to find said photo and laugh at how I look like a turd throwing metal horns high up into the air. Anyway, just take my word for it. Rad people. Rad band. 

Check out their latest album, The Sacred Mood. Out now through Rovena Recordings. 

That wraps up this week's edition of Horror Babe Of The Week. Stay tuned for more blogs throughout the week.


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