Meet Tom Lucas.


Have I got a treat for you. Let me introduce you to 1/3 of this year's New Bizarro Author Series. Meet Tom Lucas, the author of Pax Titanus.

Tiffany Scandal: Tom, how's it going?

Tom Lucas: It’s going. I’m actually feeling a little irritated at the moment. I just got back from the hardware store. APPARENTLY, the wood chipper I rented last weekend had some hair or bone matter or something stuck in the blades. I know I cleaned it out before I returned it but they were all in a tizzy about it. I had to convince them that they needed to stop asking stupid questions. Excuse me while I go wash up.

 TS: You're a part of this year's New Bizarro Author Series. How'd you come across bizarro? And how'd you find out about NBAS?

 TL: Ok, I’m back. Yes, I am an NBASer. I used to just be a BSer, so it’s one hell of an upgrade. I first learned about bizarro from my friend, horror writer Sidney Williams. I had recently self-published my novel Leather to the Corinthians and I had no idea what I had written (turns out it’s bizarro) AND I was looking for an audience (yeah, I know that’s backwards – classic Tom). He sent me the link to Bizarro Central (the book was later reviewed on the site). There I learned about the genre, the people in the community, and a little bit about the NBAS.

 How I ended up in the series actually came to be thanks to mighty Rose O’Keefe. I attended her Bizarro 101 workshop through LitReactor and she opened the door to pitches. I pitched three novellas based on the three stories I wrote in the class. Those were passed on to Spike Marlowe who then contacted me and requested a manuscript for Pax Titanus.

 And now, here we are. This year went by at Mach 5.

 TS: Tell me about your book PAX TITANUS.

 TL: It’s a tender tale of a four-armed, ten foot tall space gladiator who, in order to save his son from kidnappers, must fight in a brutal tournament. Titanus is an alien whose race has the ability to enlarge any body part. I’m sure you can guess where this is going.

 It’s a space opera, a comedy, a social commentary, and a lot of jokes involving genitalia. What’s not to love?

 TS: What inspired the story?

 TL: I’ve always wanted to write a version of Rocky, a story where the protagonist has a lot of heart, not so much in the brains department, and will most likely fail in his quest.  I love world building, especially weird worlds, so this was a chance to scratch both itches. I scratched so hard and deep that I broke the skin.

 TS: NBAS is intended to be a huge learning experience for new authors. What do you hope to get out of this opportunity?

 TL: Ok, I’ve been around for a while and I have participated in a number of writing circles, communities, and other collective egos. I always pull away because there is a certain underlying nastiness about them. Many are the nexus point for competitive, pretentious, and judgmental personalities. They also tend to be inclusive.

 The bizarro community is nothing like this. I have never experienced such a cooperative and supportive scene. The people are great, simply stellar. So, my biggest hope, now that I have found my spiritual tribe, is to become a welcome member. I’d like to live here indefinitely and I know it will take time to make friends and build trust. I’m down with that.

 As a writer, my hope is that people enjoy my stories and wish to read more.

 TS: If this book could make it into the hands of anyone, past or present, who would it be and why?

 I can’t settle for less than three individuals.

 First, Douglas Adams because he’s a massive influence.

 Second, Phillip K. Dick because he’s a massive inspiration (so maddeningly prolific).

 Lastly, Hulk Hogan because he’s a massive dick.

 Also, the whole wrestling/gladiator thing seems like a good fit.

 TS: How can we stalk you online?

 I am everywhere and I am all things. This is just a sample of where people can find me:



Blog 1:

Blog 2:


 Also, anyone who signs up for my mailing list gets a free, exclusive story:

 TS: Thank you for taking some time to hang out and answer these questions. Any last words?

TL: Does anyone know how to get a bloodstain out of cashmere? I know what you’re thinking…this guy wears cashmere?

Hey, thanks for having me here. Readers, please check out Pax Titanus! If you dig the book, review it! Reviews are so important for indie authors!

Exclamation points!!!!


There you have it, creeps <3. Tom Lucas, author of Pax Titanus. Out now through Eraserhead Press. If you like what you read above, be sure to check out his book, available now in print and Kindle format.

Stay tuned for interviews with Scott Cole and Brian Auspice.

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