King Shot Press Housewarming Party

Tonight was surreal.


Great turnout. Lots of new faces. Powerful readings and such a strong sense of community. I hope the high I'm feeling from this event never goes away.


Everybody Bleeds took care of the door charge and period drive for the event. Bull Run Distillery and Portland Bloody Mary Mix sponsored the event and allowed for there to be an open bar with fun anti-stigma drinks. 


Kat Attack Photography and All Bad Days offered up really cool prizes to be raffled off. 

Zig Zag Patch Co offered Nasty! embroidery at the event.


Live readings from Diana Kirk, Tara Dublin, Cervante Pope, Eleanor Rose, and Jennifer Robin rocked the house and brought on all the feels (so beautiful to see people affected by hearing their stories and talking to the writers about how much their words moved them. I will forever be happy to see these writers gain new fans).

 Diana Kirk

Diana Kirk

 Tara Dublin

Tara Dublin

 Cervante Pope

Cervante Pope

 Eleanor Rose

Eleanor Rose

 Jennifer Robin

Jennifer Robin

The love and support in the room felt unreal. Thank you to everyone who showed up and made us feel right at home. We love you.


When I started out as a writer, I never imagined getting as far as I have. While I am determined and ambitious, I just kind of expected this career path to be a waiting game where a whole lot of nothing happens. And sometimes it feels like that.  But even during "slow" months-- months where I feel like I'm not being productive at all-- if I sit down to reflect on what I've accomplished, I usually feel less guilty about just having binge-watched an entire series on Netflix that has nothing to do with anything I'm working on. 

My first book came out November of 2013. Since then, I've had three books published (one was a finalist for an award I respect and still hope to win one day), over a dozen short stories published in anthologies and journals (domestic AND international); I was on the cover of a tattoo magazine, had modeling work published in a few other art books, met A LOT of really cool people, got to travel to BECAUSE of my work, was in a music video, and so much more. 

And now? 

Shiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttt. My name is going to be attached to a lot of books coming out this year. I have hefty travel plans (Greece, Spain, and a handful of domestic trips -- just to give you an idea). I was gifted a brand new camera for photography and videography, as well as a recording studio for podcasts and voice acting. Not even five full years and I feel blessed (or whatever) AF. It's been wild, and looks like it's only gonna get wilder. With that in mind, I started up a Patreon. There's gonna be a lot of output this year, with a lot more already lining up for 2019, and I will do my best to document as much of it in exclusive content for Patreon subscribers. So stay tuned.

I hope you have the most awesome New Year. Thanks for reading. 



Nasty! is coming . . .

January 19th. Save the date.

 Cover design by Matthew Revert.

Cover design by Matthew Revert.

A tremendous thank you to everyone who has already PRE-ORDERED a copy. Through your support during these pre-orders, we've already raised a good chunk of change for Planned Parenthood and we cannot wait to send them the first of (hopefully) many donations soon. 

If you are a book store that is interested in carrying Nasty! on your shelves, email me at and I'll quote you for a special rate. If you are a reader with impeccable taste, you can still pre-order a copy through the King Shot Press website. All pre-orders are going to be shipped with a little extra something, as a way to say thanks for being rad. 

Thanks for reading. And Goodnight.



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